2016 Internships@Gov

Supervisor's Feedback Form

Thank you for partnering us for the 2016 Internships@Gov (I@Gov) Programme. We would appreciate if you could take some time to complete this feedback form. Your feedback is important to us, so that we can further improve future runs of the I@Gov Programme.

Section A: Intern's Evaluation

3. Commitment: Intern performs duties to the best of his/her ability. He/she is willing to go the extra mile to complete the assigned tasks.

4. Initiative: Intern displays resourcefulness and makes suggestions on how to do things better. He/she is motivated to take on extra tasks.

5. Communication skills: Intern is able to express himself/herself concisely, clearly and convincingly and shows ability to explain and defend his/her statements.

6. Quality of work: Intern provides constructive ideas, makes sound judgements based on rigorous and independent thinking and makes valuable contributions in his/her work.

7. Sense of responsibility: Intern assumes and discharges responsibilities with reliability.

8. Teamwork: Intern is able to co-operate and work in a team. Intern takes the lead in engaging and interacting with the team.

9. Achieving results: Intern readily ensures efficient use of resources, monitors progress, strives to move things forward and ensures effective results are delivered.

10. Creativity and Innovation: Intern proposes innovative solutions. He/she displays ability to come up with creative ideas, suggestions or solutions that were previously uncharted.

11. Overall performance of this intern.

13. Agencies are encouraged to make an offer to I@Gov interns who have demonstrated outstanding performance and are of high calibre, at the end of their internship. Do you intend to offer this intern a job in your agency?

Section B: Selection process and I@Gov portal

14. Did you select your intern via the I@Gov portal?

15a. Was the information provided by the interns in the portal sufficient to help you in your selection?

Section C: Overall Feedback

18. To what extent has your team benefited from the I@Gov Programme?

20. Overall how would you rate the intern under the I@Gov programme?

23a. Would you be keen to take in more interns under the I@Gov programme in the future?

Supervisor's Details