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Public Sector Transformation Group

Public Sector Transformation

We energise, engage, and enable public sector agencies and public officers in their efforts to transform and ready themselves to build Our Future Singapore. We do this by partnering and supporting Senior Public Service Leaders to spearhead systems-level interventions and support to drive transformation at the whole-of-government Ministry family and individual levels.

Core HR Group

Chief HR Oficer's Office

We serve to professionalise HR in the Public Service and provide thought leadership to some 2,700 HR leaders and officers across the Public Service. Our vision is to position the Singapore Public Service as “The Employer of Choice" by building a connected HR community, uplifting HR capabilities and developing the HR talent pipeline.

Human Resource Policy

We aim to enable a first-class Public Service through progressive HR policy and practices. This involves developing appointment policies and compensation and benefit packages to attract and retain talent, as well as performance management systems that motivate our officers to give their best for the Public Service and Singapore. We also oversee organisational design to ensure the Public Service remains lean, effective, and uses public resources wisely.

Cumulus and Human Resource & Payroll System

We work closely with the policy clusters and users of the system to translate HR policy requirements and processes into system requirements, to deliver HR services to employees effectively and efficiently.

Workforce Development

We partner public agencies to identify and strengthen the workforce capabilities and capacity needed to achieve the Singapore Public Service’s current and future goals, and co-create solutions that address organisational and workforce challenges they face.

Strategic Workforce Planning & Labour Market Insights

We support Strategic Workforce Planning across the public sector and within agencies and provide timely information on the state of the public sector labour market to guide workforce development.

In-employment Upgrading & Job Re-Design

We develop framework and schemes to enable competency-based recruitment, structured job rotation, and sectoral conversion, are an integral part of workforce restructuring programmes aimed at enhancing Public Service workforce mobility.

Career Development & Transition

We provide opportunities for public officers upgrade the level of skills among the workforce across the Public Service, as well as to successfully transit from job to job, across a Public Service career, both in terms of building a robust overview of job opportunities

Business Partnership

We play a critical role in understanding the business of public sector agencies and customize HR solutions for them. We draw resources from the relevant clusters within PSD, to design appropriate and effective interventions. We also take the lead on public sector union management matters to build strong labour management relations.

Leadership Group

Leadership Development

We oversee and drive talent and leadership development  to build a strong and committed leadership corps for the Public Service. Our work spans from attracting and recruiting leaders, to developing and engaging them. We oversee the Administrative Service and Public Service Leadership Programme, and guide leadership development policies and practices in the Public Service.

Public Service Commission (PSC) Secretariat

We provide secretariat support to the Public Service Commission such as formulating conduct and discipline policies to ensure that officers maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity. The Secretariat also awards the PSC scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. We assist in the formulation of scholarship policies, talent attraction and development of PSC scholarship holders as potential future leaders in the Public Service.

Corporate Group

Communications and Events

We focus on integrated communications strategy for both internal and public communications. We aim to foster pride, empathy and respect for and within the Public Service through compelling stories, authentic conversations and innovative channels, so as to uphold the branding of the Public Service Division and the Singapore Public Service. We also plan and run Public Service projects and events, both physical and virtual, for stakeholders, citizens and public officers.

Corporate Services

We develop and maintaining sound knowledge management practices in PSD. We ensure PSD practices financial discipline and maintain effective processes and workflow. We also create physical workplaces that promotes and optimises synergy between the clusters within PSD.

Human Capital

We plan, formulate and implement human capital policies and organisational development strategies and initiatives to build and foster a motivated workforce that achieves PSD’s mission and strategic goals. As the central people agency for the Civil Service, we are also involved in the designing, development and piloting of new HR and workplace initiatives for the Civil Service.

Information Technology

We look at how IT is able to make our work easier, more efficient and effective. In particular, IT streamlines processes and improves work flow by delivering first-class IT infrastructure and applications, and synergising technology components, systems and information within PSD.

Strategic Planning & Research

Our strategic planning arm supports senior management in current and identifying future strategies, and catalyses change within PSD through organisational development. Our Data Office formulates and implements measures to strengthen data governance, protection and security regime for PSD and whole-of-government. Our international relations arm oversees and drives PSD's efforts in building diplomatic ties that contribute to our broader strategic national bilateral needs.


We catalyse, implement and scale initiatives to achieve service delivery transformation and support our ambition to Be Globally Leading and Innovative in Service Delivery. We work closely with agencies to deliver a more seamless and integrated experience on how citizens transact with government.

Civil service college


CSC is an institution of learning, committed to preparing public officers for the future. We continue to leverage on innovative learning methods to deliver learner-centric, impactful and inspiring learning experiences for public officers.