17 August 2015
Mr Chia Young Chuan, SLA

Meeting property owners on their own terms and supporting them through the land acquisition process.

As a Collector with the Land Acquisition Department of the Singapore Land Authority, I am responsible for the entire land acquisition process. Since no one likes to have their homes or places of business taken away from them, Collectors are often perceived negatively. 

It is unavoidable for families who are affected by land acquisition to be frustrated. Therefore, it is important for me to remain composed and professional as I do my best to convey the necessary information to them.

There have been times when I received calls from landowners outside of office hours. I would still take the calls because I want to be there for them, as much as I can.

During the acquisition of Pearls Centre in 2012, one of the owners who had been operating there for more than 30 years wrote a complimentary letter to us for the way we handled the acquisition. We were really surprised as we did not expect any compliments from someone whose shop would be taken away. It was truly heart-warming and encouraging to learn that our efforts can make a difference.

I met a another landowner a few years back during another acquisition. We still keep in touch and update each other on how we are doing. I find that very rewarding. 

As an officer in the Land Acquisition Department, I get the opportunity to help those affected by acquisition in a very direct and tangible way. I also want to be there for the landowners, help to mitigate their difficulties and do my best for them. â– 

Mr Chia Young Chuan
Senior Executive, Land Acquisition
Singapore Land Authority

This story was first posted on the PSD Facebook page on 18 August 2015.

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