04 April 2016
Mr Irwan Awang, MOM

When emotions run high, Mr Irwan Awang knows that one of the best ways to ease a moment of crisis is with tact, patience and the right information.

You can never go wrong when you know you are in the right job. I once met a runaway Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) who had gone without food the whole day. She was very emotional when she came to seek help. She was very worried about being sent home by her employer and being left with an outstanding debt that she couldn’t repay.

Once she met me, she collapsed to her knees, crying and pleading with me to assure her that she wouldn’t be sent home. I tried to calm her down and asked a female officer to help her up. 

After listening to her, I contacted her employer and requested a face-to-face meeting. Initially, the family was angry that she had run away, making them worry for a whole day. They explained they needed to send her home only because of their financial situation. 

But that wasn’t the only option available to them. I shared with the family that they could also transfer the FDW to another employer, which they eventually did. 

Every day, I help to address the issues faced by employers and employees. And I am happy to be of help. I take these opportunities to value-add by sharing more information with them. And, hopefully, they will spread it within their circles so that there will be fewer recurring issues.

Mr Irwan Awang
Customer Responsiveness Executive
Ministry of Manpower

This story was first posted on the PSD Facebook page on 9 March 2016.

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