30 November 2015
Ms Mabeline Wong, IRAS

When a lady came knocking on the wrong door, Ms Mabeline Wong hailed a taxi and made sure she got to the right place.

Once, an elderly taxpayer came to me for assistance regarding her domestic helper’s work permit matters. As we were not the correct agency to assist her, I offered to arrange for the relevant agency to contact her, seeing that she had difficulty in her movements. The elderly lady declined and insisted on making the trip personally.

Nevertheless, I took down her contact details and helped her to the taxi stand to get a cab. I had also sent an email to alert the agency about the elderly lady so that they could to assist her promptly. 

It doesn’t matter whether she knew about what I did for her. I just need to know I had done my best to ensure that she was well taken care of.

Ms Mabeline Wong
Assistant Manager, Contact Centre
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

This story was first posted on the PSD Facebook page on 1 December 2015.

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