17 June 2015
Mr Nick Tang, NParks

A storm was brewing that day at the Botanic Gardens, but it was a storm of a different kind. Epileptic seizures are caused by a disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain and are sometimes referred to as “electrical storms”. When it struck a visitor, Mr Nick Tang rushed to the scene…

A visitor in his mid-20s had an epileptic fit in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. My colleagues and I rushed to attend to him and brought him to one of our guest rooms for a rest. By then, the fit had subsided and his friend requested that we not call an ambulance. Unfortunately, after resting for about two hours, the visitor suffered a relapse. We called the ambulance immediately. 

The visitor suddenly had difficulty breathing. I knew I had to do something, fast. I performed CPR on him while we waited for the ambulance. I also administered a medical injection the visitor had on him, using the training from my National Service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Thankfully, the fit subsided. He was brought to the hospital and was discharged two days later.

I started working as a temporary staff with NParks when I was still studying in 2001. Now, as a Visitor Services Assistant at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I particularly enjoy the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I feel proud to share not only what we have to offer in the Gardens but Singapore as a whole.” 

Mr Nick Tang
Visitor Services Assistant, Singapore Botanic Gardens
National Parks Board

This story was first posted on the PSD Facebook page on 18 June 2015.

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