What is Challenge?

Challenge is a publication of the Singapore Public Service and is managed by the Public Service Division.

If you are a public officer, we hope our content is meaningful in some way to you, and leaves you exhilarated, inspired or tickled with food for thought that you will share, act on and tell us more about!

If you are not a public officer, we hope our content gives you a better insight and fresh perspective into our work and hopefully challenges (pun intended) your perception of the Public Service!

How do I obtain printed copies of Challenge?

Challenge has a limited print run, but if you are a public officer and are interested in a printed copy, check in with your corporate communications department (or equivalent) to see if your agency already receives hardcopies of Challenge. We are unfortunately unable to entertain requests from non-public agencies or individuals for copies of Challenge.

That said, we believe the future is increasingly digital, so we encourage you to read the online version of Challenge. We are constantly striving to make your digital experience even more rewarding than print by exploring different ways of delivering our stories to you that simply aren’t possible in the printed format.

I have a story idea or some feedback for Challenge. Who can I write to?
If you are a public officer and have access to Workplace, send a message to the [Challenge] profile! Otherwise, you can also email us at psd_challenge@psd.gov.sg.