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Public Service Division
Prime Minister's Office
100 High Street #07-00
The Treasury
Singapore 179434



PSD Quality Service Manager (QSM):
(To feedback on PSD’s service quality, HR policies and matters i.e. medical benefits, salary, transfer of services, etc)
Online Feedback Form
*Note: As hiring and employment decisions are decentralised to individual agencies, PSD encourages public officers to always first seek assistance with agencies’ HR departments.
Public Service email:
(To feedback on Public Service’s service quality and matters (e.g. service delivery lapses, unsatisfactory service experiences, service standards), and other cross-agency issues such as transformation, innovation and regulations)
Careers@Gov Contact:
(For technical support, please click here)
Administrative Service Email:
(Careers in Administrative Service/Management Associates Programme)
(Read here for more information)
Civil Service Internships:
Click here to apply directly through the portal! 
For media queries only, please contact: Ms Hazel Tong 
(65) 9229-4122
Singapore Government Directory:
(to search contact details of government officers)

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