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Partnering public officers to build our Future Workforce



As the central HR agency, we lead the way in HR practices. We keep up-to-date with emerging trends and work practices to ensure our HR practices remain relevant and are able to meet the current and future needs of the organisation and our officers.

3 ways we
develop careers


We offer many opportunities within the Public Service

As work becomes more complex and dynamic, where jobs and skills are constantly evolving, it is getting more difficult to assess most officers' potential accurately, particularly early in their careers.

Officers today will also have longer careers with different episodes of work. We encourage the growth and development for all officer. It is therefore more meaningful to develop officers’ skills and competencies for their next career milestone, over shorter time horizons.


We believe in supporting your career aspirations

To support public officer's career aspirations, we introduce new programmes designed to broaden their experience and gain new perspectves and insights outside their current role. Covering different funcitonal areas, sectors and time commitment, these opportunities will also help you grow your networks and deepend you skills.

The Short Term Immersion Programme where officer are exposed to on-the-job shadowing and hands-on participation in another agency between 1 day and 4 weeks. Another programme designed for short-term participation is the Gig Work initiative, where officers get to contribute their expertise and experience in cross-agency Public Service projects.

Long-term stints include Structured Job Rotation within the Public Service, as well as Talent Attachment Programmes to private sector companies to better understand the impact of goverment policies.


We believe in facilitating your self-discovery

Every officer matters in the Public Service. We want to invest in their growth, enhance their lifelong employability and to partner them in their journey to achieve their career aspirations.

Public Service Career Coaches help officers identify their career goals, values, interests and skills, so that officers can align them with their career strategy.

Find out more about  Public Service Career Coaches from Dr Noraslinda Zuber from MUIS and Dr Moira Lee from Temasek Polytechnic.

My P.S. career
stories by officers

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