Discover a Different Side Zoom Webinar



Date: 21st August 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 10.30am - 12nn
Streaming on: Zoom

What you can expect from the webinar:

  • Learn how leadership talent who have started their careers in the people / private sector can further grow their careers in the Public Service and make impactful change as a member of the Public Service leadership
  • Meet officers who have made the switch and Public Service Division’s Director of External Engagement, Leadership Development
  • Hear first-hand, unfiltered answers to questions about working or adapting to the Public Service culture, and growing a successful and meaningful career with the Public Service.



Discover a different side with the Public Service Mid-Career Leaders Track (MCLT). Join us in this live, interactive webinar! You can make a difference in improving the lives of Singaporeans, through working in the Public Service.

Hear how you can make an impact using your knowledge, skills and experience as a member of the Public Service leadership. You can either join the Administrative Service, which develops leaders with whole-of-government perspectives and capabilities or the Public Service Leadership Programme, which builds leaders with deep competencies in specific sectors.

Catch two officers who made the career switch from the private sector. They will share their experience, including the diverse opportunities where they led impactful change in areas such as social support, criminal legal aid, COVID-19 operations and more. The Public Service Division’s Director of External Engagement, Leadership Development will also be on hand to take questions.


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Insights from officers
who have made the switch 





Applying for the Mid-Career Leaders Track

If you are interested to apply for the MCLT now before attending the webinar, you may submit your applications on Careers@Gov here.