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Discover a Different Side



We're looking for mid-career leaders

To navigate a more complex and fast-changing environment, the Public Service needs a diversity of strengths and perspectives in our leadership ranks. We welcome leaders with different backgrounds, who wish to contribute their skills and perspectives in the Public Service to make a meaningful impact to Singapore and Singaporeans. 


We've got just the track for you

The Public Service values the experiences of mid-career entrants outside of the Public Service and we are looking for talents with the heart to serve. The Mid-Career Leaders Track is a central gateway for mid-career entrants with the potential and aspiration to serve in Public Service leadership.

When you join us, we will support you with structured job placements and onboarding support to help you transition into the Public Service. Your first postings will provide you with the necessary developmental exposure while having adjacencies to your previous work experience - so that you can leverage your expertise and experiences in making substantive contributions, while supporting your learning and transition.

You will also receive tailored onboarding experience with structured and personalised onboarding process. This is especially for working professionals who have no prior experience working in the Public Service.


MCLT will help you grow as a leader: broaden your thinking, explore your leadership style and learn from your fellow leaders. If you are thinking about making a difference and want to make a larger impact on the lives of the people around you, this is the career for you. Join us in this journey of leadership through the many sectors and functions of the Public Service!