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What is the difference between Ministries and Statutory Boards? Are statutory boards considered part of the Singapore Civil Service?

The Singapore Public Service employs about 153,000 public officers working in 16 Ministries and more than 50 Statutory Boards. Within the Public Service is the Civil Service, comprising about 86,000 officers working in the Ministries. Workforce growth in 2020 was largely due to public agencies ramping up more short-term positions to support COVID-related operations during the pandemic.

They work in various schemes of service, including the Administrative Service, legal, education, police, civil defence and accounting schemes. Statutory boards (such as HDB, CPF Board, IRAS, etc) have their own recruitment and human resource management practices. They are legally distinct employers from the Civil Service.

If you would like to find out more about the various statutory boards in Singapore, you can access their websites for details.


Job Applications

How can I apply for a job in the Singapore Public Service?

Public service job vacancies are posted on Careers@Gov and may also be advertised in local newspapers. You may submit your application online at Careers@Gov, or write to the relevant agencies directly.


About the Public Service Division

What are some of the foreign scholarships processed by PSD?

PSD helps the relevant agencies broadcast information on some foreign scholarships, including:

a) Fulbright Scholarship
The Fulbright Scholarship is administered by the US Department of State and Institute of International Education with the objective of improving understanding between the people of the United States and the people from other countries.

Every year, a limited number of partial grants are awarded to Singaporeans to study in the United States. These grants are intended for a one-year master's degree program or the first year of study for a master's program.

More information on the Fulbright Scholarship can be found here.

b) Monbusho Scholarship
The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) offeres the Monbusho Scholarship to qualified Singaporeans to study in Japan.

Application for the Monbusho Scholarship usually closes in July for commencement of studies in the following year.

More information on the Monbusho Scholarship can be found here.