Public Service Leadership Programme 

Career Development

What is the duration of the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP)?

The PSLP is a long-term leadership development programme that aims to develop capable officers to take on key Public Service Leadership positions.

Entry to the programme can be at any juncture, where there will be a variety of career pathways to cater to the officers’ inclinations.

Who is the PSLP managed by?

The PSLP is centrally managed by the Public Service Division to groom capable and talented individuals for leadership positions within the Public Service.

Can I choose the agencies of the two sectors I am posted to during the General Phase of the PSLP?

During the selection interview, you may like to share with us your career inclinations and your preferred posting sectors. These, together with other considerations such as availability of suitable positions, will form the basis for your eventual posting.

Who oversees the career paths of officers on the PSLP?

The career paths of officers on the Sectoral Phase of the PSLP are overseen and managed by senior Public Service leaders in the respective sectors, supported by the Public Service Division. As the needs of each sector may differ from the others, the senior leaders in each sector will identify the capability and competency needs as well as put in place developmental initiatives required for each sector.

What are the requirements for me to remain in the PSLP?

You will remain on the PSLP as long as you perform on the job and exhibit the potential to eventually take on key Public Service Leadership positions in the sectors.

Is there a bond for the PSLP?

There is generally no bond for the programme. However, if you are sponsored for post-graduate studies while on the programme, you may be required to serve a bond period.


Applying for the PSLP

What does the selection process encompass? Is there a limit to the number of officers selected for the PSLP each year?

The selection process for the General Phase consists of 3 stages. Short-listed candidates will first be required to attend selection tests. Subsequent stages include a policy discussion session with senior management from the various agencies in the Public Service, and an interview by senior Public Service leaders. 

There is no quota or limit on the number of officers selected for the programme each year. All outstanding candidates who meet the selection criteria will be considered.

How long will the entire selection process take?

The selection process, from the point of application to review and selection, will take about four months.

I am currently working in a Ministry/Statutory Board. How can I apply for the PSLP?

PSD invites Ministries to nominate suitable officers in their Ministry, Departments and Statutory Boards for appointment to the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) in the first quarter of each year. If you are keen to be considered for the PSLP, you can approach your Ministry HR for more details.

I have just applied for the PSLP. Should I also apply for other Public Service jobs concurrently?

Yes. You are encouraged to concurrently apply for other Public Service jobs when pending for your application outcome for the PSLP, as it might take some time for you to complete all the selection rounds before you are successfully appointed to the programme.

I have applied for the PSLP and did not pass the first selection round. Will this affect my job applications in the Public Service?

No, application to the PSLP is handled separately by PSD while your application to the jobs in the Public Service are handled by the respective agencies. Hence, the outcome of your PSLP application will not affect your job application.

I am currently tied to a sponsorship/scholarship with an organisation. Am I still eligible to apply for the PSLP?

If your scholarship is bond-free, you may still apply for the PSLP. However, if your scholarship carries a bond period, you should reconsider your option to continue with your application to the PSLP as you should not break your obligation to the organisation that awarded the scholarship.

Are Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) eligible to apply?

SPRs are required to take up Singapore Citizenship before applying.