Career Growth and Development

PSD provides many opportunities for you to learn and develop yourself to perform in your job and to progress into new roles. We also offer benefits and flexible work arrangements to help you perform and progress.

Learning and Development Opportunities

There is no shortage of opportunities to learn and develop. As a new officer, you'll attend our PSD Induction Programme to learn more about our culture and also gain the essential knowledge you'll need to get started at PSD.

Performance and Recognition

You will be recognised and rewarded at PSD when you perform well in the form of promotions, performance bonuses and awards.

Benefits for PSD Officers

As a PSD officer, you enjoy many different types of leave benefits, time-off and getaways at Aloha! Holiday Resorts.

Flexible Work at PSD

It's not about where you work, what time you work and how much you work but what you do, the value that you create that counts. Our Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) programme is called Flex@PSD where we ‘flex’ our schedules, location or workload in a variety of ways depending on need or situation.