Flexi-Work Arrangements

We are flexible about when our officers work, where they work and the size of their workload. It's not about where you work, what time you work and how much you work but what you do, the value that you create that counts.

Flex@PSD, a mindset of flexibility

Our Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) programme is called Flex@PSD. 

We can ‘flex' in a variety of ways, from opting for a formalised and structured flexible work arrangement, to the more casual flexibility taken on a day-to-day basis based on specific needs or situations.

Designed for work anytime, anywhere

You will be equipped with an office-issued mobile phone and laptop - making it possible for you to work anywhere, anytime.

Being creative as to what should be flexible

Each officer has her own unique rhythms. Under Flex@PSD, we recognise this, enabling each officer to adjust her own time, place and workload. Everyone at PSD is encouraged to define what flexibility means to us and how we can use it to support our busy lifestyles – both inside the office and out.

For example, as long as supervisors' agreements are sought, we may choose to vary our start and end times as long as we complete 42 hours of work a week, and/or telecommute with the use of technology.

We also respect those who prefer to stick to traditional office routines because flexibility means giving our people the choice of deciding what works best to them and will help them achieve work targets.