Performance and Promotion

At PSD, we recognise and reward those who perform; and promote those who have the potential to perform well in their new roles.

Performance matters to us

At PSD and throughout the whole public service, performance is recognised and rewarded. When you perform well, you will be recognised in the form of promotions, performance bonuses and awards.

Developing officers to reach their fullest potential

At PSD, we look forward to promoting those who have performed well in their current job, have the potential to take on greater responsibilities, their values and other character attributes (such as leadership and commitment) needed for the new role.

We regularly assess the performance of our officers. During this time we look at each officer - their performance and potential. And help them to develop and grow based on their talents and abilities to their full potential.

Our performance assessment system also helps us to ensure that our assessments are fair, credible, rigorous and objective.