Mr Lawrence Teo, Business Partnerships


"I had some bad experience with a Human Resource department about 10 years ago, when I was working in the private sector. Back then, I thought HR people were evil,” said Mr Lawrence Teo, bursting into laughter.

But instead of resenting, Lawrence was determined to make a difference. "That's how I decided to save up and pursue a degree in HR," he added. As the Account Manager for the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) and Singapore Customs, Lawrence plays an important role in partnering their HR departments to implement HR policies smoothly. It is therefore important for him to be armed with in-depth knowledge about these agencies, as well as to familiarise himself with the details of the new policies.

Having served in PSD for about three years, Lawrence who is part of the Business Partnership cluster, remains excited about the challenges and opportunities he is given. “I was happy to have made a difference, and it was all worth it."

The implementation of a new HR IT system left a lasting impression on him. Just like the rolling out of any new system, agencies faced hiccups during the transition period.

Despite not having much technical expertise, he worked hard at helping to resolve the problems so that his HR counterparts could ease into using the system quickly. His patience and commitment was not unnoticed.

Lawrence said: "It was through an informal chat at a later date that the officer thanked me and told me how grateful she was. I was happy to have made a difference, and it was all worth it."

Lawrence quoted ‘helpful colleagues and encouraging leaders’ as two factors that kept him going when things got tough - especially when his cluster underwent a period of transition. Manpower was so tight at one point that the only person he could approach for help was his cluster director.

“He spent a lot of effort teaching me and even monitored the case with me closely. Such support and guidance from a leader was precious when the going got tough.”

When asked about the one person whom he would like to thank, Lawrence replied without a doubt: his wife - the mummy of his young daughter.

"She has always been very understanding, especially when I was juggling between work, studies and family," said Lawrence. "Knowing that I hardly took time to relax, she even made the effort to arrange a visit to the Universal Studio Singapore for me to unwind.

She is the reason why I managed to pull through the tough times...” he added.