Mr Noor Hisham Abu Bakar, Human Resource Management, Information & System


At age 22, Hisham assumed the role as the man of the house. “When my father passed away, the load of providing for the family landed on my shoulders,” he shared.

Driven by the sense of responsibility, Hisham was determined to do his best for his career in IT. After spending 5 years working in the private sector, dealing with network operations, he joined PSD in 2013, as a Senior Assistant Executive at the Human Resource Management, Information & System cluster.

Hisham handled the system support for the Careers@Gov portal, as well as the decommissioning of an internal appraisal system. “I also supported agencies and provided briefings and organised focus groups as part of preparation to roll out the new system,” he added.

IT is ever-changing

During his free time, Hisham enjoys reading and researching the internet to update himself with the latest technology. “It is very useful to surf the net and find out what people are talking about on the forums," he explained. "It can be time-consuming but when you enjoy the topic, it’s not a chore but a passion.”

A 30-minutes call

It was a memorable experience for Hisham in April this year. “There was an angry job applicant who called me because he was facing problems with his job application form. He kept shouting over the phone at the start of the call,” Hisham recounted.

After some 30-minutes of step-by-step guidance, Hisham managed to calm the caller and completed the job application form together with him. “He thanked me at the end of the call, and I felt this great sense of satisfaction,” said Hisham. “What was 30min for me could have made a big difference to him if his job application was successful!”