Mr Roy Goh, Communications & Strategic Relations

Roy Goh CSR Full

A million Singapore dollars, neatly wrapped in plastic, rolled off a sorting machine. From there, two officers packed the money to prepare it for circulation to different banks.

“I’ve never seen so much money in my life,” said Mr Roy Goh, describing the time when he was filming a story about the work of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. “That moment was pretty dramatic,” he added.

For Roy, going behind the scenes of how the Singapore Public Service works is part and parcel of his job. At the Public Service Division’s Communications & Strategic Relation’s cluster, Roy’s mission as a branding and marketing communications manager is to narrate the stories of the officers in the Public Service.

Before joining the Public Service in 2009, Roy was living his childhood dream of a jet-setting lifestyle, flying to Milan, Barcelona and other major cities as a designer and media buyer. The constant travelling was keeping him away from his family and newborn son, so Roy made a switch to teaching design at the Institute of Technical Education. But eventually, his desire to continue his creative work led him to his current job at PSD.

Roy’s work at PSD  takes him to restricted places where most people cannot set foot in for security reasons. “For my first video shoot at PSD, I visited the Changi Control Tower. From that vantage point, I could see all three airport terminals all at once. I wanted to be a pilot in my youth, so this was an eye opener for me,” said Roy.

At another video shoot, he visited St John’s islands where fish was bred for research purposes. There, he witnessed over 50 fish, each over a metre long, in a mating tank. “The fish were thrashing around, slapping their bodies against the tank walls. It was really loud, and quite unexpected,” he recalled.

Whether his work takes him to remote islands or restricted areas, his mission remains the same – to tell the stories of the thousands of public officers who serve Singaporeans round the clock.

“The videos that we produce show the public how hard and how well our public officers work. After interviewing so many public officers, I can really see the passion and devotion they put into serving Singapore – that’s really what keeps me going” said Roy.


Roy is one of PSD’s four recipients of the 2016 PS21 Star Award. For the profiles of the other awardees, click here.