Ms Jagdish Kaur, Capabilities Development


She had no prior knowledge about computer programming or coding when she was tasked to manage a website using HTML - the standard language used to create web pages. But Jagdish was undeterred by the challenge and learnt the skills on the job!

“I felt a great sense of accomplishment after picking up HTML and was able to perform my task effectively,” recalled Jagdish, who joined PSD in 2001.

Before joining the Public Service Division, Ms Jagdish Kaur was an airport police for 7.5 years and a homemaker for 5 years. “No doubt the learning curve was steep at the beginning, I guess my time as an airport police had built me up to be more disciplined and resilient to handle new challenges.”

That wasn’t the only time Jagdish displayed her overcoming spirit. Convinced that she should deepen her knowledge and upgrade her skills, Jagdish took up a part-time degree in 2009. Twice a week, for 5 years, she attended night classes after work. She also had to attend to the family before she could stay up late to complete her school assignments.

“I had only have 4 to 5 hours of sleep every night,” she laughed, pointing at her dark circles. “But I think my husband had a tougher time than me!” added Jagdish, who is thankful for her husband’s support.

Looking back, Jagdish who is now a Senior Assistant Executive at the Capability Development cluster, is pleased to have furthered her studies. “It’s not about getting better pay or career prospect. It’s the fact that I can value-add and contribute more effectively to my team.” she explained.

“Now, I enjoy my work even more because I get to see how the policies we are working on can make a difference to public officers.”