Ms Long Meng Choo, Human Resource Policy

Long Meng Choo HRP Full

The last thing Ms Long Meng Choo expected was an offer from Public Service Division when she applied for a job with the Public Service in the late 1990s.  In fact, the job offer was with the cluster managing the computerised HR systems. 

“I didn’t know anything about computer systems!” said Meng Choo, who worked in a brokerage firm before joining PSD. “But my boss told me that she thought I could do the job, and so I was hired,” she added.

Meng Choo’s first boss not only believed in her, but was also a good mentor and never put on airs. “I submitted her name for the Her World Magazine Boss of the Year award,” Meng Choo chuckled as she narrated the incident. “When the magazine called, I could hear my boss exclaiming over the phone, ‘Who put my name up for an interview?’ Thankfully, the magazine didn’t tell her.  Till now, she still doesn’t know!”

PSD also sent Meng Choo for training, which helped her pick up the skills she needed for the job. “I didn’t know much about computers at that time, but thanks to the training, I completed advanced courses in Microsoft Office,” she said.  The computer skills stood her in good stead as she took up different roles in PSD over the years.

In 2015, Meng Choo volunteered to manage the hotline set up to explain how Medishield Life would benefit pensioners who had retired from the Public Service.  She fielded more than 600 phone calls, and even had to deal with abusive callers. Her calm composure and presence of mind impressed her colleagues and managers – that won her the PS21 Star Award in 2016.

“In the course of my work, I find great satisfaction in helping people make informed decisions by sharing and explaining the information they need to know,” said Meng Choo.  “I also enjoy helping my fellow colleagues wherever necessary. I find that through serving, I benefited in return as I learnt much from their life experiences too,” she added.


Meng Choo is one of PSD’s four recipients of the 2016 PS21 Star Award. For the profiles of the other awardees, click here.