PSD and MOH joint-reply to Lianhe Zaobao forum letter "Post-retirement medical benefits will cease upon the demise of pensioners"

14 May 2015

We thank Mr Liang Yao Rong and Mr Zhou Quan Sheng for their letters on “Medical benefits for the wives of Government pensioners” (7 May) and “Medical benefits problems for widows of pensioners” (12 May).

We wish to share that there is no change to the existing policy. The post-retirement medical benefits of a Government pensioner, like his pension payment, are provided to a pensioner in recognition of his contribution to the Civil Service. These medical benefits, including any MediShield Life premium subsidies from the Government as his employer, are non-transferrable and will cease upon the demise of the pensioner.

Regardless of circumstances, dependants of Government pensioners who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents will be included under MediShield Life, even when they are no longer covered under the pensioner’s post-retirement medical benefits. They will enjoy generous Government support for their MediShield Life premiums if they are Pioneers, or Premium Subsidies for lower- to middle-income households. Those who face financial difficulties even after these subsidies can also write to MOH to be assessed for additional assistance for their MediShield Life premiums on a case-by-case basis.

We have contacted Mr Liang to clarify his queries.


Lim Teck Kiat
Human Resource Policy
Public Service Division
Lim Bee Khim (Ms)
Director Corporate Communications
Ministry of Health