31 October 2014 Forum Letter Replies

Reply to ST Forum letter "Get citizens to brainstorm ideas to improve the nation”

Working together to find solutions
We thank Mr Raymond Anthony Fernando for his suggestion to have a National Suggestion Scheme for citizens to contribute ideas, similar to how the PS21 movement generates ideas from public officers. (“Get citizens to brainstorm ideas to improve the nation”, 24 Oct)  As the innovation movement of the Public Service, PS21 encourages public officers to be agents of change in the workplace. Beyond suggesting ideas, officers are encouraged to test out the ideas and work as teams to turn suggestions for improvement into reality.
In the same spirit, we warmly welcome Mr Fernando’s enthusiasm for active citizenry. There are several ways for members of the public to participate in co-solutioning with the government.  Members of the public can contribute and vote for ideas at  eCitizen Ideas (https://ideas.ecitizen.gov.sg), a one-stop portal that crowd-sources for solutions. Suggestions are also welcome for any government policy or processes through the feedback channel on the REACH website (www.reach.gov.sg/feedback.aspx).  In addition, our agencies also run co-creation initiatives including hands-on workshops and hackathons. These are opportunities for people coming from all perspectives to collaborate in brainstorming and developing prototype solutions.    
PS21 also recognises government agencies that seek actively to involve the public. The annual PS21 ExCEL Awards and Convention held this month for example made special mention of the Singapore World Water Day project which involved 250 events initiated by the community and companies in 2014. 


Luke Goh
Senior Director, PS21 Office,
Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office