Reply to ST Forum letter "Look into needs of seniors in re-employment"

07 October 2015

We thank Mr Raymond De Silva for his feedback ("Look into needs of seniors in re-employment"; Sept 28).

Employers are currently required to offer re-employment to eligible workers at age 62, up to age 65.

By 2017, the re-employment age will be raised from 65 to 67.

In the meantime, employers are encouraged to retain eligible employees beyond 65 and extend the same re-employment practices to these employees.

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices also actively promotes merit-based employment practices.

The civil service values the experience and skills of mature officers. Following the Tripartite Guidelines on Re-employment of Older Employees, the majority of mature officers are currently re-employed at the same salary, and benefit from the prevailing leave and medical schemes applicable to all civil servants.

This year, the civil service has further taken the lead to offer re-employment to all eligible officers till age 67, ahead of the law.

Over the past few years, the Government has gradually restored the Central Provident Fund contribution rates for workers aged 50 to 55 to the same level as younger workers. We have deliberately taken a graduated approach so as not to adversely affect the employability of these older workers.

The Government will continue to work with our tripartite partners to address the growing needs and employability of our older workers.


Alvin Lim
Divisional Director
Workplace Policy and Strategy Division
Ministry of Manpower

Chan Boon Fui
Senior Director
Human Resource Policy
Public Service Division