Frontline workers combatting COVID-19 to get special bonus; Political leadership and senior public service officials to take pay cut

28 February 2020

To recognise their selfless dedication, the Government will award public officers working at the frontline, who are directly battling with the COVID-19 disease, up to one additional month of special bonus. These will include many healthcare officers in MOH and in the restructured hospitals, and some officers in other frontline agencies who have been directly involved in dealing with COVID-19 cases. Other public officers who have contributed significantly will be recognised in appropriate ways.

2 In addition, the Government will also make a one-off COVID-19 grant to the Public Health Preparedness Clinics, to support them in their active role caring for patients with respiratory symptoms.

3 In view of the exceptional global economic uncertainties posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, the political and public service leadership will take a pay cut.  In solidarity with our fellow Singaporeans, all political office holders and Members of Parliament (MPs) will take a one-month cut in their respective salary and allowances,  while senior public service officers will take a half-month pay cut.  These officers include Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and Chief Executive Officers of statutory boards. 

4 The Public Service is committed to work in unity with all Singaporeans, to ride out the current challenges.