Public sector implements safe distancing measures across the board to prevent further spread of COVID-19 cases

21 March 2020

The Public Service will intensify the implementation of the set of comprehensive measures to achieve safe distancing, while we strive to ensure that public services remain available and uninterrupted.

2 To reduce the local transmission of the COVID-19, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 20 March that it will introduce stricter safe distancing measures to limit close contact and large gatherings of people in close proximity over a prolonged duration.

3 Where practicable, public sector agencies will introduce telecommuting, to reduce the level of person-to-person contact at the workplace and ease travel load on the public transport system.  Public sector agencies across the board have also adopted video and teleconferencing and implemented greater spacing between seats at the workplace. 

4 Where the nature of the work is such that officers cannot work from home, public sector agencies have implemented a number of other measures, such as split locations for working, staggered work hours or split shifts. 

5 Public sector agencies will defer official trips abroad. As a public service wide practice, overseas personal leave will not be approved unless on exceptional or compassionate reasons. They will also cancel all social activities regardless of size and suspend activities involving more than 250 participants.  Where essential activities still need to be organised, we will structure them such that we decrease the scale, density, intensity and duration.