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Building capabilities at individual, team and organisational levels for a future-ready Public Service.

Stepping up


The speed of change around the world is accelerating. The Public Service faces an ageing population and shrinking workforce, fiscal constraints, rising citizen expectations, and technological disruption.

Hence, the Public Service has stepped up transformation efforts to build a future Singapore that continues to be successful and vibrant. We want to think and act boldly to tackle challenges and exploit new opportunities. We also know that citizens want to have a part in finding solutions, and digital solutions can help improve productivity.



Improving service delivery

We continue to redesign and integrate services to be more citizen-centric. One example is LifeSG, a personalised, citizen-centred and life-stage based platform for citizens to access all government digital services. The ServiceSG Centre (formerly Public Service Centre) at Our Tampines Hub also brings together key services from across multiple Government agencies under one roof for more seamless and personalised service experience for Singaporeans.

Read more about ServiceSG.


Working with citizens closely

We continue to partner with citizens, businesses and non-government organisations to improve our policy-making and work together towards a better Singapore. For example, the Emerging Strong Conversations provided a platform for citizens to share their experiences and aspirations for Singapore in the midst of the pandemic. Citizens contributed their energies, expertise and experience, leading to several Alliances for Action that are rallying Singaporeans to action.



Preparing every officer for the future

We believe that the growth and development of our public officers is important. We will continue to ramp up training for public officers and offer varied experiential opportunities within and outside of the public sector. We will help our officers to learn, reskill and adapt to changes, and prepare them for the future.



Building a digital government

We will continue to use data and new technologies, and drive efforts to build a digital economy and digital society. The Digital Government Blueprint outlines how the Government will reorganise itself to deliver public services better using technology and digital tools to improve productivity and security.


Building a collaborative and caring workplace

We will step up efforts to ensure that our Future Workplace will enable greater flexibility, productivity, and efficiency for public officers. We will also continue to support the mental health and wellbeing of public officers.

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