Developing Careers

PSD works with all employers in the Service to help attract, develop, retain and engage public officers to achieve our nation’s mission and vision.

We offer many opportunities within the Public Service

The Singapore Public Service employs about 153,000 public officers working in 16 Ministries and more than 50 Statutory Boards. Within the Public Service is the Civil Service, comprising about 86,000 officers working in the Ministries. Workforce growth in 2020 was largely due to public agencies ramping up more short-term positions to support COVID-related operations during the pandemic.

Our work is broadly categorised into five sectors:

  • Central Administration: Strengthening the core of the Singapore Public Service
  • Security: Keeping Singapore safe, secure and influential
  • Social: Growing the heartware of our society
  • Infrastructure & Environment: Making our city-state a place to live in
  • Economy: Driving our economy

We believe in developing your potential to the fullest

We believe every officer has talent and ability that should be developed to the fullest. That’s why every public officer gets up to 100 hours of training every year.

Training increases your skills, knowledge and capabilities. You’ll not only be able to perform your job better but also skill up for new/different positions in the Service.

We believe in facilitating your self-discovery.

Get to experience variety of jobs, different challenges and perspectives and get to work with colleagues in different agencies through job rotations.

Through these experiences, you’ll not only have a better grasp on how the entire Public Service works to help realize our nation’s dreams and goals but also discover for yourself where you will be able to make the most significant contribution.

We believe in supporting your career aspirations

At certain points in your career, you might want to enrol in a formal course of study like a postgraduate degree because you believe this will help you gain more skills or deeper expertise - skills and expertise that might help you unlock value and serve the nation more effectively.

We encourage such career aspirations and provide support, where suitable, in the form of unrecorded leave or sponsorship of course fees.