Administrative Service


The Administrative Service aims to develop leaders with whole-of-government perspectives and capabilities, to formulate and implement policies that will improve the lives of Singaporeans.

You will gain a deep understanding of the interdependencies across the Public Service through your career in the Administrative Service. You will enjoy the unique opportunity to work in different sectors of the Public Service and be developed for key leadership positions through structured programmes.

The Career Path

The Public Service Division aims to develop Administrative Officers to have a sound grasp of the complexities of government. Taking into account your interests and Public Service needs, you may be posted to jobs in different sectors of the Public Service, namely  Infrastructure & Environment, Economy Building, Social, Security and  Central Administration.

As you progress in your career, you will participate in milestone training programmes, and be given expert coaching to facilitate your professional development. You will get to be part of project teams where you can recommend policies and have the opportunity to present your findings to senior public service leaders or at various policy forums.

Other Deployment Opportunities

As an Administrative Officer, you could be posted to private sector companies to better understand businesses and markets, or to the various statutory boards and government-linked Companies. You could work in other non-Civil Service organizations such as international organisations, and non-profit organisations, or even abroad. Subject to performance, you may also be appointed as directors on the boards of government-linked companies and statutory boards.

Training and Development

Rotations and Attachments

Rotations and attachments provide the critical experiences that you will need to grow as a leader in the Public Service. You will be rotated to take up different roles in ministries and agencies, and be given the opportunity to serve as directors on the boards of statutory boards and government linked companies in the course of your Administrative Service career. Through these rotations and attachments, you will experience the spectrum of public governance work from policy formulation to ground implementation, and see the impact of public policies on Singapore and Singaporeans.

You will be invited to participate in a Community Attachment Programme (CAP) as part of our milestone training programmes. The CAP allows Administrative Officers to appreciate the issues on the ground and needs of the citizens, as well as the role of the grassroots organisations in engaging the residents on their well-being and concerns. You may also have the opportunity to be attached to international organisations, non-profit organisations, or companies in the private sector to gain different perspectives.

Milestone Training Programmes

You will attend milestone training programmes at the Civil Service College to support your development at the key stages of your Administrative Service career. These programmes aim to prepare you for higher-level appointments by equipping you with an understanding of the processes and challenges in policy implementation and further honing your organisational leadership and management skills. They deepen your understanding of the political, economic and social developments in Singapore, as well as in the region and the world. You would be able to learn from and network with key public sector leaders in the Singapore Public Service, as well as leaders from other countries during the study visits abroad.

Inter-Agency Project Teams

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from senior leaders and peers across the Public Service through inter-agency project teams to study cross-agency challenges and issues.

Mentoring and Coaching

You will be mentored by a more experienced officer who will guide your personal and professional development in the Administrative Service. You will also be supported by expert coaching to facilitate your professional development in the course of your career.

Postgraduate and Continuous Education

You may have the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies as well as continuous education through a variety of training courses, seminars, workshops, or study trips.

How to apply

If you have:

  • A clear passion for Public Service
  • Outstanding career history and relevant working experience
  • Proven track record of leadership qualities and strong inter-personal skills
  • Singapore citizenship

We welcome you to send us your resume or any queries to