Public Service Leadership Programme

A structured programme focused on cultivating and developing talent in specialised areas/industries, the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) develops you to your fullest potential through two phases:

The General Phase

Created for those with little or no work experience, you will be rotated through two or more roles in the Public Service. These structured rotations are designed to develop you in core public governance capabilities. The rotations also offer you the opportunity to explore and gain experience in at least two different sectors of the Public Service.

The Sectoral Phase

​You will be given the developmental opportunities and critical experiences to build deep competencies in a specific sector. You will have targeted rotations to other agencies in your chosen sector, as well as training programmes designed to expose you to key developments and cross-cutting issues within your sector. Through an immersive and hands-on experience, you will gain a deeper appreciation of your sector and develop your domain expertise as a specialist leader.

There are five sectors under the Sectoral Phase:

(1) Economy Building

Contribute to driving economic growth, maintaining macroeconomic stability, regulating and developing industries and strengthening Singapore’s pro-business environment, while looking out for the socio-economic well-being of fellow Singaporeans.

Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Research and Innovation, Industry and Enterprise Development, International Economic Relations, and Economic Planning, Policy and Regulation.

(2) Infrastructure & Environment

Help transform our collective vision of Singapore into reality: a vibrant city-state with a clean and sustainable environment, robust infrastructure and excellent connectivity.

Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Research and Innovation, Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation, Integrated Physical Planning, Infrastructure, Engineering and Design, Project Development and Management, Operations, and Service Delivery and Enforcement.

(3) Social

Make a difference by forging a cohesive, resilient, caring and inclusive society.

Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Social Research and Innovation, Planning and Policy, Sector Development, Community Development, Operations, and Service Delivery and Compliance.

(4) Security

Be responsible for safeguarding our country by building a resilient government with strong enforcement capabilities and sound security policies.

Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Policy, Planning and Research, Operations and Engagement, Science and Technology, and Intelligence.

(5) Central Administration

Play a key role in developing a consultative, customer-centric and effective government. Your career will be in core governance functions that are critical to all public sector agencies.

Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, and Public Communications.

How to Apply

The Public Service Division accepts applications for the PSLP all year round. To be part of the team that helps shape the future of Singapore, you should:

  • Have a clear passion to serve the people of Singapore
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyse and think critically about a range of topics
  • Possess a proven track record of leadership qualities and strong inter-personal skills
  • Be a Singapore Citizen

Joining the General Phase

If you have less than four years of work experience:

  1. Send us your PSLP application via Careers@Gov; and
  2. Concurrently apply for a job with a Public Service agency.

If you are a student still in the course of your studies, you may also apply for the PSLP starting from 3 semesters before graduation, i.e. in the 2nd semester of your 3rd year of study.

Joining the Sectoral Phase

If you are a mid-career professional with several years of work experience:

  1. First secure a job with a Public Service agency, as entry into the Sectoral Phase is contingent upon the applicant's fit for a specific sector.
  2. Thereafter, let us have the details of the job position(s) you have applied for via and send us your application via Careers@Gov.

We will proceed to coordinate your PSLP application with the respective agencies.

Short-listed candidates will be required to sit for various selection tests, ranging from psychometric/writing tests, policy discussion session with senior management in the Service, and an interview by senior Public Service leaders.