PS21: Then and Now

PS21 is a change movement launched in 1995 to prepare the public sector so it can transform in order to meet future challenges, and innovate to seize opportunities. The movement recognised that the Singapore Public Service must anticipate change, welcome change, and embrace change to be at the forefront of service excellence. 

PS21 was therefore created with a mandate to drive change across the entire public sector and had two objectives:

1. To nurture an attitude of service excellence in meeting public needs with high standards of quality and courtesy

2. To foster an environment that induces and welcomes continuous change for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness by employing modern management tools and techniques, while paying attention to the morale and welfare of public officers

Leaders recognise that changes in organisational culture and norms are needed to ensure the Public Service is future-ready. PS21 has therefore been a mass-movement, empowering and equipping officers at every level to better anticipate demands, influence developments, and find innovative ways to meet new challenges. 

Public Sector Transformation

In 2012, the Public Service embarked on a journey of Public Sector Transformation to design citizen-centric policies, services, and partner the community. Our public agencies rally around, and aspire towards the vision of becoming "One Trusted Public Service with Citizens at the Centre".

1. Trust: Singaporeans believe that we care, are honest and capable, and provide bold and effective leadership for Singapore. We partner Singaporeans as citizens with roles, responsibilities and a stake in Singapore. 

2. Citizen-centric: We understand the diverse experiences and needs of Singaporeans. We work with Singaporeans and harness their perspectives to do our jobs better.

3. One Public Service: We work as a team to formulate policies and solutions that are in the best interest of Singapore and Singaporeans. Our values of Integrity, Service and Excellence underpin what we do as the Singapore Public Service.

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