Our Organisational Structure

PSD Organisational Chart

Public Sector Transformation Group

The Public Sector Transformation Group stewards transformation and change through system interventions, optimising resources and structures, building horizontal capabilities and reinforcing Public Service values.

Programme Office

"We accelerate the building of cross-cutting horizontal capabilities across the Whole-of-Government and partner with public agencies to implement them."

We accelerate the building of cross-cutting horizontal capabilities across the Whole-of-Government (WOG) and reinforce Public Service Values by:

  • identifying common issues faced by public agencies, coordinate efforts and develop systemic and integrated plans across WOG to address them; and
  • driving workforce solutions like strategic workforce planning, development of competency frameworks and careers pathways

In order to achieve the following outcomes:

  • a capable workforce and strong leadership for future service delivery;
  • Middle Managers who are equipped, engaged and empowered to make decisions and take appropriate risks;
  • all officers identify with Public Service values and a One Public Service culture;
  • engineering capabilities that are strategic and critical in the Public Service; 
  • a citizen-centric approach to integrating and delivering government services and information across agencies, according to citizens' key life moments; and
  • a leading digital workplace that redefines officers' experience and enhances officers' capacity to be more effective in their work.

Transformation Office

“We drive transformation and change from the centre, ensuring alignment to WOG priorities and direction, to be One Trusted Public Service with Citizens at the Centre.”

We optimise at the systems level and provide support to agencies to be an innovative Public Service that delivers today and is ready for the future. We do so by:

  • designing structures, processes, incentives and other suitable mechanisms;
  • developing supporting resources including equipping our stakeholders with the necessary tools and skills; and
  • partnering and engaging our stakeholders throughout their change journeys.


Workforce Development & Management Group

The Workforce Development & Management Group aims to bring about high performing organisations and engaged officers, now and for the future. We do this through various workforce development initiatives, people policies and practices and best-in-class HR & payroll processes and system. We also work with:

  • HR units across the Public Service to enhance their HR outcomes by implementing a best-in-class HR & Payroll system together with our key stakeholders and policy clusters; and
  • key shared services such as Vital to enable higher productivity gains by optimising and simplifying operational  processes to meet policy requirements.

Chief HR Officer's Office

"We provide professional leadership to the HR community in the Public Service."

We plan and develop the sector’s and profession’s manpower by:

  • building a One Trusted HR Community in the Public Service;
  • setting professional standards for HR officers and increasing HR capabilities through development interventions;
  • being an effective change agent and strategic partner in support of Public Service Transformation efforts; and
  • building a strong talent pipeline for the Service's HR leadership.

We also promote a forward-looking HR community by keeping abreast of best and innovative people practices and tapping internal and external HR networks.

Human Resource Management Information & Systems

"We partner agencies to develop and manage the central HR system for the Public Service."

We collaborate with key stakeholders to develop a future-ready HR and Payroll system, which leverages technology as an enabler to support our employees, HR partners and management. We work closely with the policy clusters and users of the system to translate HR policy requirements and processes into system requirements, to deliver HR services to employees effectively and efficiently.

Human Resource Policy

“We oversee a range of people-related policies and practices to support the needs of the Singapore Public Service.”

We ensure that our compensation and benefit package is market competitive to attract and retain our talent. Through our performance management system, we aim to motivate our officers to put in their best to achieve agency and Public Service outcomes. We also oversee organisational design, superannuation and exit matters of the Service.

Workforce Development

“We partner public agencies to identify and strengthen the workforce capabilities and capacity needed to achieve the Singapore Public Service’s current and future goals, and co-create solutions that address organisational and workforce challenges they face.”

The Workforce Development cluster aims to build a future-ready Singapore Public Service that is: 

  • sensitive and responsive to a changing environment;
  • sharp alignment of Public Service business and workforce strategies; and
  • smart in 4Cs – build Capability, improve Capacity, Collaborative and innovative Culture across the Service.

We develop a good grasp of the business needs of agencies, and draw resources from the relevant Clusters within PSD, to design appropriate and effective interventions. We also take the lead on public sector union management matters to build strong labour management relations. 

We achieve this by: 

  • developing a good grasp of the business needs of agencies, and draw resources from the relevant clusters within PSD, to design appropriate and effective interventions;
  • driving progressive recruitment, deployment, re-employment and flex-work policies and practices to enable public agencies and motivate officers to achieve agency and Public Service outcomes;
  • partnering agencies to drive strategic workforce planning and capability development in the Public Service; 
  • supporting agencies to identify workforce strengths and gaps in delivering public sector priorities; 
  • working with agencies to co-create solutions to strengthen workforce capabilities and capacity, drawing on resources across the Public Service;
  • building a vibrant learning ecosystem to support public officers in honing their professional expertise and mastering new skills through continuous learning;
  • supporting agencies in managing workforce transitions; and
  • taking the lead on public sector union management matters to build strong labour management relations.


Leadership Group

The Leadership Group aims to build a strong cohesive public service leadership corps through strengthening our leadership pipelines and systematically identifying and nurturing general and sectoral/specialist leaders across the Service.

Leadership Development

"We oversee and drive talent and leadership development to ensure the Public Service has strong and bold public service leaders."

The work of Leadership Development/Public Service Leadership includes:

  • formulating, implementing and reviewing policies related to leadership and talent development to ensure leaders have the necessary skills and competencies to address current and future needs;
  • identifying, developing and managing the pipeline of general and sectoral/specialist public sector leaders;
  • overseeing the development of officers in the Administrative Service and Public Service Leadership Programme;
  • driving thought leadership in leadership development principles and practice to ensure effective development of our leaders; and
  • promoting the exchange of best practices in talent development among government agencies.

Public Service Commission Secretariat

"We provide secretariat support to the Public Service Commission."

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is an independent organ of state constituted in 1951 to appoint, promote, transfer, dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over public officers.

The PSC Secretariat provides secretariat support to the PSC such as formulating conduct and discipline policies to ensure that officers maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity.

One significant non-statutory role of the PSC is the award of PSC scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The Secretariat assists in the formulation of scholarship policies, talent attraction and development of PSC scholarship holders as potential future leaders in the Public Service.


Corporate Group

Clusters in the Corporate Group support the work of the Public Service Division. 


"We raise the profile of PSD and the Singapore Public Service, and communicate our values and ethos."

We focus on integrated communications strategy for both internal and public communications. The cluster’s various initiatives aim to foster pride, empathy and respect for and within the Public Service through compelling stories, authentic conversations and innovative channels.  

We do this through curating content and key messages targeted at our different stakeholders on platforms such as Workplace by Facebook, Challenge magazine, PSD Singapore Facebook page and website, Careers@Gov Facebook page and job portal, and the media, so as to uphold the branding of the Public Service Division and the Singapore Public Service. 

Corporate Services

"We ensure resources are used effectively in the areas of finance, office management and general administration."

We ensure effective use of resources in the areas of finance, office management and general administration. Our work involves:

  • developing and maintaining sound knowledge management practices in PSD;
  • ensuring we practice financial discipline and maintain effective processes and workflow; and
  • creating physical workplaces that promotes and optimises synergy between the clusters within PSD.

Human Capital

"We ensure that PSD's workforce is motivated and driven to achieve our mission and strategic goals."

Human Capital:

  • plans, formulates and implements human capital policies and organisational development initiatives to build and foster a motivated workforce that achieves PSD’s mission and strategic goals; and
  • oversees organisational excellence and staff engagement efforts.

As the central HR agency for the Civil Service, we are also involved in the designing, development and piloting of new HR initiatives for the Civil Service.

Information Technology

"We review and implement IT that helps PSD achieve its mission and goals more efficiently and effectively."

We look at how IT is able to make our work easier, more efficient and effective. In particular, IT streamlines processes and improves work flow by:

  • delivering first-class IT infrastructure and applications; and
  • synergising technology components, systems and information within PSD.

Strategic Planning & Research

"We lead the public service movement to anticipate, welcome and execute change efficiently and effectively."

We cover four functions: strategic planning, sense-making, HR intelligence and international relations.

The strategic planning core:

  • supports senior management in reviewing current and identifying future strategies, and ensuring these strategies are aligned with organisational objectives and priorities;
  • oversees the planning cycle in PSD by driving organisational strategies and initiatives, and monitoring their implementation;
  • catalyses change within PSD through organisational development which involves continuous diagnosis, identifying synergies across clusters, and proposing initiatives to support organisational goals; and
  • provides critical analysis and thought leadership on a wide range of issues, particularly organisational development and HR matters from a data-driven perspective.

As a competency centre in HR intelligence, we:

  • design, coordinate and analysis of HR surveys and enterprise feedback at the Government level to support planning and decision-making; and
  • work with agencies to ensure the availability, quality and timeliness of HR data and employee sentiments for analysis, planning and decision-making across the Public Service.

Our International Relations unit:

  • spearheads PSD's international relations efforts together with the Civil Service College and other government agencies.


Civil Service College (statutory board under PSD)

"We deliver practitioner-focused programmes that build core public sector competencies."

The Civil Service College (CSC), established in October 2001, is a statutory board under the Public Service Division. Its mission is to develop people for a first-class public service.

As the public sector’s principal institution for learning, research and staff development, CSC is dedicated to:

  • enhance the public service by deepening public officers’ understanding and capabilities, as well as strengthening values in leadership and the public service;
  • equip public agencies for the future by supporting initiatives that bring about change, learning and collaboration across the public service; and
  • innovate and use technology to deliver interventions that strengthen stakeholder partnerships and improve performance

CSC is an institution of learning, committed to preparing public officers for the future. We continue to leverage on innovative learning methods to deliver learner-centric, impactful and inspiring learning experiences for public officers.