Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision 

A first-class Public Service for a successful and vibrant Singapore


Our Mission

PSD stewards One Trusted Public Service by:

  • Developing strong leadership & engaged officers
  • Building future-ready organisations
  • Promoting good governance

To deliver excellent public services & enable effective government


Our Core Values

People, Our Pride ● Integrity, Our Core ● Service, Our Pledge ● Excellence, Our Quest


Explaining our Mission

Our primary purpose is to steward – take care, nurture, guide and support – the health, well-being, performance, motivations and ethos of the Public Service.

We seek to build a united and effective Public Service that is trusted by the people whom we serve, and focused on wanting the best for Singapore and its citizens.

Developing Strong Leadership

We select and grow leaders.

We strengthen leadership abilities, behaviours and values at all levels.

We identify, groom and appoint top leaders across the Public Service.

We build a strong and united leadership community, bounded by a collective vision, and centered on the right values and ethos.

Developing Engaged Officers

We partner public agencies to develop our officers to not only be effective in what they do, but also be engaged to the greater purpose of their work, high in commitment and prepared to go the extra mile.

Building Future-Ready Organisations

We build capabilities at individual, team and organisational levels to directly address work challenges that public officers will face, and enable the Public Service to be ready for the future. Examples include putting in place individual development plans; and building engineering and service delivery capabilities.

Promoting Good Governance

We lead the way in what good government is about, how public organisations ought to run, and how they should act to meet citizens’ needs.

We serve as guardians of Public Service values and ethos, and we safeguard and uphold the reputation of the Public Service.

We provide sound advice on the structure of government.