The Singapore Administrative Service

Who are the Senior Public Service Leadership (SPSL) appointment holders?

SPSL appointments include positions like Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Chief Executive Officers of major statutory boards, and key Department Heads. SPSL appointment holders can be Administrative Officers (AO) as well as professional officers from Ministries or Statutory Boards.

What is the role of an Administrative Officer?

Administrative Officers (AOs) are officers who are experts in the business of government. As leaders and managers in the public sector, AOs play a key role in the development and implementation of national policies, as guided by the elected government. AOs prepare ahead for the future, anticipate and analyse problems, and contribute to the survival, security and success of Singapore.

What are my development opportunities as an Administrative Officer (AO)?

AOs are tested regularly in different domains in the public sector, to stretch them and equip them with the necessary instincts and skills for public sector leadership. In addition, some AOs are assigned to ground postings in Community Development Councils and private sector companies, to learn from and contribute to these organisations.

Who selects Administrative Officers? How do I apply to join the Administrative Service?

The Public Service Commission selects and appoints the Administrative Officers. You can apply to join the Administrative Service if you have an outstanding career history, a proven track record of leadership qualities and the desire to contribute to the nation. You should also be a Singapore Citizen or be willing to take up citizenship.

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